What Do We Do?

shutterstock_176380598-dt1Organizations of all types rely on us to reduce the uncertainty and stress of intentional growth.  We help you articulate your vision and goals, develop realistic plans to achieve your vision, and ensure your leadership team has the skills and tools to align, engage, and inspire your employees and customers.  Our consultants and facilitators have been delivering effective solutions to our clients for more than 20 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations define where they want to go next, to develop the road map to get there, and to increase employee engagement and satisfaction by clarifying goals, roles, and expectations – Strategy, Execution, Engagement.

Ramsee Consulting Specializes In..

  • City Council Retreat design, planning, and facilitation
  • Executive Retreat design, planning, and facilitation
  • Custom Leadership Development and Certification Program design, development, implementation, and administration

Big News!!!

Ramsee Consulting has partnered with Huron Associates in their Champion to Leader Program.  This completely virtual, four-month, leadership development program is fully guaranteed to help you become the boss that everyone wants to work for.  Find out more at HA Champion to Leader!

Our Values

At Ramsee Consulting, we are driven to serve, and to always:

  • Do the right thing
  • Be insightful
  • Be helpful
  • Add value