Ramsee Consulting Group

e797718fdf6fed290ca15717c5b878f8There is no shortage of things you could do, but how do you determine which things you should do?  Do you want to open a new line of business?  Enter a new market?  We help you articulate your vision and implement the tools, processes, and disciplines necessary for you to get where you want to go.


Rick Robinson

As Managing Director of Ramsee Consulting Group, Rick has focused developing and delivering a variety programs in the areas of Leadership Development, Project Management, ERP systems, Lean Manufacturing, Teambuilding, Quality Systems, Strategic Planning, Motivation, Measurement Systems and Change Management.

Rick is a frequently requested speaker. He has spoken at ICMA, TCMA, ASTD, ISPI, UTD, YRMA, and the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Series program.

In the last ten years Rick has facilitated a number of strategic and project planning sessions for a variety of clients, including Wingstop Restaurants, the Town of Addison, DeKalb Office, Malphurs Interactive, the City of Richardson, the City of Georgetown, the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, and Greenberg Farrow Architecture.  His inclusive and highly interactive style has earned him high praise from his clients and conference attendees.

Rick earned degrees in Accounting and Finance from Texas A&M University in 1985. After college, he taught Economics and Accounting in the Fiji Islands as a Peace Corps volunteer.  His client list includes also includes GM, Chrysler, Nortel, Picker, Del Monte Foods, Steelcase, Texas Health Systems, Dallas HR, and Lloyds of London.