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Public Sector Services

In a recent survey, less than 25% of city and county management officials indicated that their council was able to effectively prioritize initiatives and set a clear, consistent direction for their city. At Ramsee Consulting Group, we believe that this is not an indictment of the elected officials, but of the process used to generate vision and policy for the municipality. There is a key element missing from the process, and that is a rigorous discussion of the unique value the city chooses to deliver to its residents, businesses, visitors and other stakeholders.



City managers aren’t running a business, they are running multiple businesses. From water sales, to infrastructure, to parks and special events, city staff needs a clear message of the unique value their city offers in order to effectively execute the council’s initiatives. Unfortunately, less than half of the management professionals surveyed felt that the direction they received from City Council was consistent with the value proposition of the city.
Our goal is to help city councils provide staff with clear, consistent direction so that plans, initiatives and council vision can be effectively and efficiently implemented. We also provide the tools to assist staff in operationalizing and implementing the vision of Council.


Our Public Sector Services Include:

  • Council Retreat Design and Facilitation
  • Staff Retreat Design and Facilitation
  • Shared Vision and Strategy Generation with Councils
  • Operational Plan Development with Staff
  • Implementation Plan Development and Support
  • Facilitation of Special Council Initiatives