“We’ve used Ramsee Consulting Group numerous times with several initiatives over the past few years and have found them to be impactful both in terms of facilitating a live meeting as well as setting a rigorous and productive pace via group conference calls.   They are always prepared but more than that they come with a strong business acumen developed over decades of real practice.  They know when to pipe in with a provocative vantage point or fun yet relevant facts that help to forward the conversation, and they know when to hold back and allow the conversation to organically continue.  In the end the sessions we have used them for have resulted in a far more productive end with actionable realistic next steps. They are worth their weight in gold plus they happen to have a high degree of integrity and intelligence to boot.”

Maxine Mann
Teknion US

“Ramsee Consulting Group developed a Leadership Development program for us that has armed our leaders with the skills to better coach, mentor and develop our teammates.  The program has provided our leaders the tools, frameworks, and processes they need to engage and inspire our people.”

 Chrissy Hoff
Vice President of Human Resources, DeKalb Office

“Rick is in the third year as our strategic advisor and, as a result, our initiatives and goals are actually happening!  Many hours and much energy have been devoted over the years.  However, bringing those goals to an action plan and actually achieving them has been difficult until Rick joined our team.  Rick has kept us focused, supported our brainstorming to bring clarity to ideas, and provided simple tools that support action plans and results.  Our strategic planning is no longer a cloud in the sky we cannot get hold of but is an action plan that is producing results.  He has been a great partner to our organization.”

Diane McClendon
Executive Director
DallasHR and The HRSouthwest Conference

“Ramsee Consulting Group are professionals who partner with their clients in the development of an integrated strategic plan that builds clarity and consensus for future success of any organization.

They use a team-based approach to strategic plan development that includes the involvement of key stakeholders in a way that optimizes the chances for successful plan implementation.
With Ramsee Consulting Group it’s not just the “sky view”, it’s the practical development of comprehensive, reality-based, accountable, action-oriented strategic plans.  I can’t say enough
great things about their expertise; I highly recommend the Ramsee Consulting Group!”

Dr. Sandra Reid
Chair, Graduate School of Business
Dallas Baptist University

“I cannot recommend Rick Robinson highly enough. Not only did he assist me in day-to-day business operations but also overall long term strategy for growth. Always organized and completely focused, Rick made me feel comfortable in all aspects of my business growth, while never being afraid to challenge preconceptions. By carefully learning my business and its needs, he has been able to steer my business into new thought processes, markets, and growth that would not have been possible without him. Thanks, Rick!”

Michael Malphurs Owner of Malphurs Interactive

“Rick Robinson, the leader of Ramsee Consulting Group is a game changer. I have watched him lead our strategy teams over the past 3 years and can say that we are truly seeing results. Rick is a great facilitator, and has the ability to listen, learn, and lead others to action. I would recommend Rick Robinson to any organization looking for ways to strategically move their organization to the next level through long term planning.”

Bruce Waller, DallasHR Board of Trustees Chairman

“Working with Ramsee Consulting Group has been a joy.  Rick Robinson, the managing director, has designed and facilitated several working sessions for me, and the quality and productivity of those sessions has been amazing.  The key skills he brings to the table are his ability to:

  • guide a diverse group of egos and individuals through a process effectively and efficiently
  • listen to the differing viewpoints, find the common ground, synthesize our thinking, and craft clear and compelling messaging that everyone can support
  • develop effective tools and processes that achieve our desired results

I cannot recommend Rick and Ramsee Consulting highly enough.”

Name and Title withheld due to corporate policy