Custom Leadership Development Programs

“Ramsee Consulting Group developed a Leadership Development program for us that has armed our leaders with the skills to better coach, mentor and develop our teammates.  The program has provided our leaders the tools, frameworks, and processes they need to engage and inspire our people.”

-Chrissy Hoff
Vice President of Human Resources, DeKalb Office


  • In a recent survey, two-thirds of executives list Leadership Development as their number one concern
  • Companies spend over $14 billion a year on leadership development programs
  • The vast majority of programs fail to achieve their desired intent (McKinsey)

Top 10 Reasons Most Leadership Development Programs Fail

  1. Lack of support from the top
  2. Absence of clear program objectives
  3. Program objectives not tied to desired future business results
  4. No definition of what “success” of program looks like (evaluation metrics)
  5. Topics, tools, frameworks, and concepts not put into context of the business
  6. No expectations set from senior leadership that  the concepts will be applied or that anything will change
  7. No incentive to apply the tools or concepts or change behavior
  8. Development programs train people to work in silos when work should be done collaboratively
  9. Off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all programs will work for about 10% of the population (and they would have probably gotten it anyway)
  10. Too much time elapses between the training event and the opportunity to apply the concept

What Makes Us Different?

Our focus is to develop the right Leader Mindset and the necessary skills to excel in the three main roles of a leader:

  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Engagement

At Ramsee, we work with Senior Staff to develop customized leadership programs that create a common mindset, skillset and group disciplines across the entire leadership team.  Early on, the expectation of a change in behavior is set and consistently reinforced.  No subject is discussed nor tool, technique or framework introduced, without the assignment of practical application exercises that are turned in and critiqued.  The curriculum topics and timing are developed based on the needs of your organization and scheduled to coincide with your annual planning calendar.  Topics and tools are introduced when they would naturally be expected to be used.  Participants in the program typically go through as a team (cohort group).  They help each other, work on projects together, and develop cross-functional relationships that support the goals of your business.

  • At Ramsee, we develop custom programs that are directly tied to desired future business results
  • We require the commitment of top leaders to set and reinforce expectations for the program
  • We partner with senior leadership to determine the appropriate content and timing that coincides with your annual planning cycle
  • We establish a clear context that clearly identifies why each element of the program is important
  • Application of the concepts, tools, processes, and frameworks is a critical, fundamental and required element of the program
  • Success is clearly defined at the start of the program and metrics are established

“Rick is in the third year as our strategic advisor and, as a result, our initiatives and goals are actually happening!  Many hours and much energy have been devoted over the years.  However, bringing those goals to an action plan and actually achieving them has been difficult until Rick joined our team.  Rick has kept us focused, supported our brainstorming to bring clarity to ideas, and provided simple tools that support action plans and results.  Our strategic planning is no longer a cloud in the sky we cannot get hold of but is an action plan that is producing results.  He has been a great partner to our organization.”

Diane McClendon
Executive Director
DallasHR and The HRSouthwest Conference