We’ve consulted with companies in a variety of industries including retail, healthcare and non-profits, among many others. From cultural overhauls to improving internal communications between departments, our process has helped companies find solutions to critical, far-reaching problems.

Strategic Planning Case Studies

Situation: We were contacted by Dallas HR (the local SHRM mega-chapter)  to design a process that would enable a cultural shift from transactional responses to strategic thinking.

Ramsee involvement:  We designed, developed and facilitated a series of strategic planning meetings that re-focused the staff and volunteers on why the organization existed.  The meetings required a mind shift that enabled the organization to develop a common mission, vision, core values, high-level goals and strategies.  We then introduced, trained and facilitated the tools and group disciplines necessary to implement the strategies developed.  Ramsee continues to be involved in an oversight capacity and to serve as an accountability partner.

Results:  The culture of the organization has changed. The conversations are more focused and the path forward is clear, and the organization is serving their membership in new and better ways.

Situation:  DeKalb Office, a Steelcase dealer, wanted to grow both top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability, but were unsure whether to pursue new markets, open new business lines, acquire new markets, or all of the above.

Ramsee involvement:  Through a series of facilitated exercises, the client was able to establish their goals and to develop intentional growth strategies that all leadership could support. Changes were made to the structure and infrastructure of the organization, new controls were put into place to measure the effectiveness of the initiatives, organizational capability was enhanced through a series of training events and the overall culture of the organization was transformed.

Results:  The client’s overall revenues have more than doubled since Ramsee’s initial involvement, and profitability is on the rise.

Leadership Development Programs Case Study

Situation: DeKalb Office, a Steelcase dealer, realized that a chief limiting factor in their growth was the skillset of their leadership team. There was little coordination or cooperation between departments and few common tools being used. This resulted in a waste of effort, time and money.

Ramsee Involvement:  We designed a customized, 12-month program to certify all leaders in the organization. We trained, tested and facilitated new tools and processes that would increase efficiency, enhance cross-functional execution and communication and promote a standard way of operating.

Results:  The client leadership team now has a common mindset, a common skillset and the group disciplines necessary to achieve their vision.

Meeting Facilitation Case Study

Situation:  The leadership team at a large regional hospital (name withheld per client corporate policy) was holding their annual summit.  In the past, these meetings were fairly loose and not very productive.

Ramsee Involvement:  In meeting with the senior leaders, Ramsee was able to establish meeting objectives and an agenda that took the team in an unexpected direction. Our facilitation style enabled the team to come closer together and honestly assess their strengths and deficiencies.

Results:  Two of the tools introduced by Ramsee were so impactful that the leadership team decided to roll them out to everyone in a leadership position (80+ individuals).  The hospital is using these tools as part of a cultural transformation in order to improve their rating.